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Viscosity Control

Mar 8, 2019

Viscosity Control

Mar 8, 2019

Why does viscosity need to be automatically regulated?

Viscosity, pH and temperature values influence the properties of inks, adhesives and coatings, and therefore their transfer and yield on the substrate is affected. Due to changes in the circumstances and environment, their values are not automatically constant during the production process. Keeping this constant is very important to keep the print quality consistent throughout the entire process.

Regardless of which market (flexible packaging, paper, cardboard) or which printing process (flexo or gravure), custom-made automatic control systems are available to measure and control these values. This way the amount of waste can be reduced, downtime can be avoided and profitability can be increased.

What to look out for in machinery:

  • Measurements in the hose or the barrel
  • Automatic and manual control
  • Self-cleaning
  • Maintenance sensitivity

Interested in out viscosity control products?


About viscosity

What is viscosity?

Viscosity is the physical material property of a liquid, or in other words, the consistency/thickness of a liquid. For example, water is an example of a liquid with a low viscosity and honey an example of a liquid with a high viscosity. Liquids with a high viscosity are called viscous in rheology – the study of the flow of manner predominantly in a liquid state.

Measuring Unit

To measure viscosity, the pascal-second unit (Pa·s) is used. This unit of measurement replaces the usual DIN or Ford cups, although they are still used in practice. Some examples of the viscosity of liquids: water (20°C): 1.002 mPa·s; blood: 10 mPa·s; glycerin: approx. 1000 mPa·s; peanut butter: 150 000 to 250 000 mPa·s.

Temperature Influence

The viscosity of a liquid is highly dependent on the temperature. At higher temperatures, many liquids are less viscous than at lower temperatures. However, a higher ambient temperature allows the diluent to dissolve more rapidly, making the liquid more viscous. This complexity of factors can be managed automatically.

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