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flexo Printing

The quality of the printing process is determined by the sum of a large number of parts. It is not uncommon that an observed printing error is caused by a very small part of the printing process.

Deltapak has synchronised all these components used in flexo printing. Whether it concerns seals (to prevent ink leakage), doctor blades (to scrape off the anilox rolls), anilox rolls (to transfer the correct ink volumes), all these components combined work and fit together for a better printing process.

the DeltaPak solution:
Deltapak BFT carbon doctor chamber


Some printing presses are still equipped with open ink bins. To prevent possible odours that inks give off, due to dampening, and improve the distribution of ink, closed doctor chambers  are available. Working with closed doctor chambers means more control over your ink and thus your production becomes more precise.


Closed doctor chambers are increasingly being used. It is important that the scraper does not leak during the feeding of the ink. The wide variety of inks and doctor blades require different types of seals made with different materials in varying thicknesses.


Doctor blades ensure that the anilox roll is properly scraped down, so that the ink dosage is precise. In addition, the blade also has a sealing effect of the chamber. The degree of wear resistance with respect to ceramics is important. The right choice is crucial because width, thickness and shape of the top determine whether the doctor blade can function optimally.


Anilox rollers are largely responsible for the ink supply in a flexographic printing process. The cells determine the quality of the print as they need to match the applied resolution of the printing plates with the ink. When this occurs, all the ink is transferred to the substrate in correct quantities without splashing.

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