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Selectra develops technologically advanced electronic systems for the control of printing presses and converting. Selectra is based in Italy and started off in 1964 as technical support for the more important Italian manufacturers and printing presses.

Whether it concerns web control, viscosity control, register control or web inspection, the simplicity of the technique and the accuracy and speed of the systems are phenomenal. It is no coincidence that Selectra counts a number of well-known machine manufacturers as OEM suppliers to their customers.

Viscosity Control

A viscosity that is constant ensures a constant colour in ink and is therefore important. Instead of having to constantly measure and re-fill, this process can be fully automated. This is not only faster, but also much more even and accurate.

SELEVISCO 9000 control panels display data and its sensors execute commands by managing a unit of measurement and can be applied within existing frameworks or can be supplied integrated into custom pulpits.

In manual mode the system displays the viscosity measured by a single sensor and lets the operator add the solvent to correct the viscosity value.

In automatic mode the system executes a comparison between the programmed viscosity value and the measured one. Based on this difference new solvent is added to correct the error.

Web Guide Control

Good web guiding ensures that when a roll is rewound it happens in a straight line. The PID algorithms used ensure the highest accuracy in the corrections, which are carried out real-time.

SELEGUIDE 10K is precise and fast at very acceptable costs. Its performance is top notch. The system checks and controls the position of the edge of the material or a printed line, thus allowing a more precise alignment of the reels and avoiding waste of material. The system is made of a user-friendly operator panel with a LCD touch screen display, used for controlling a positioning frame, suitable for the printing presses and converting machinery.

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