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flexo preparation

Quality plays an important role in the preparation phase for the final printed products. Depending on the capabilities of the printing press, different systems can be chosen that control how the printing plate transfers the ink onto the substrate.

In modern flexo printing presses it is common that sleeves are used. A bridge adapter is placed over the shaft in the machine, which provides the padding and the required pressure range and print length. The thicker the adapter, the larger the print length. A plate mounting sleeve slides onto the adapter, on which the printing plate is mounted. The tape and printing plate also have a determined thickness here.

It is also possible to stick the printing plate to the steel printing cylinder. The alignment of the printing plate can be carried out with a printing plate mounting device, so that the accuracy is optimal.

In addition, we work with other systems that are not described here but to our decades long knowledge and experience here at Deltapak, we can always provide the optimal system for every specific situation.

the DeltaPak solution:


Washing out of flexo printing plates is increasingly being done with water as a base. The quality is now completely comparable with solvent-based plates. Water washable plates have the additional advantage of being environmentally friendly. That is why the transfer to water washable printing plates, which are also extremely suitable for UV inks, is essential.


Mounting tape attaches the printing plate onto the sleeves or cylinders. It is highly resilient and it determines the quality of the print output depending on the chosen hardness in combination with the composition of the cylinder or sleeve. The tape is cut to size, or can be delivered as a roll.


In order to be able to offer the possibilty of various printing lengths for a press, printing plate mounting sleeves with different diameters are used. They slide over the shafts and any adapters that are used in the machine. The flexo printing plates are then secured with mounting tape. These mounting sleeves are suitable for multiple uses.


To be able to print precisely, the position of the printing plate on the cylinder is of vital importance. This can be automated to make the adhesion of printing plates easy and accurate. The position of the plate is determined with the aid of a high resolution camera. The maximum width of the printing plate determines what mounting equipment is used.

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