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Ink provision
In the production of packaging, liquid inks are used both in flexographic and rotogravure printing. It is important that the ink is consistent in composition and is fed to the printing surface evenly and without any foam. This also applies to the mixing and dosing of the ink and practically to the whole printing process.

Deltapak offers a range of solutions that allow for the optimal provision of ink at all stages of the production process. We supply the ink mixing and dosing machines, which produce ink in the right quantity and in line with the specifications needed. We also supply the pumps that move the ink, the filters and magnets that keep the ink clean and the viscosity control units with which the fluidity of the ink is kept at a constant level.

In order to combine these factors and optimise your printing process, Deltapak is an excellent partner that can offer every customer the right solution to his or her specific circumstance.

the DeltaPak solution:


By using ink mixing and dosing systems you can produce recipes from ink manufacturers in the amount requested.  The recipes can be repeated easily, Rest inks can be re-used in new recipes. By concequently re-using the rest inks, the total ink stocks and the amount of waste can be reduced dramatically and the costs kept under control.


The extensive Deltapak range of pump types and accessories ensure that ink provision takes place without any problems. Whether you need to pump in large or small volumes, at different viscosity levels and have a high or low standing ink container, Deltapak has the solution for you.


During the printing process, ink is contaminated and it heats up. In order to keep its condition optimal many tools have been developed. These include filters, coolers and magnets. Standardised tanks are designed in such a way that these accessories can be assembled directly. Thus, the ink remains clean during the entire printing process.


During production, the temperature of the ink rises. This may cause evaporation and affects the properties of the ink which in turn affect the printed colours on the substrate. A viscosity control system prevents the ink properties from changing and so their colour remains consistent, even during long production runs.

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