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surface treatment

In addition to a good setting up of the printing press and other equipment, it is important that the rollers and the substrate is well prepared. The web may have the wrong surface tension, may contain dirt and dust, and/or may be statically charged so the printing process may not proceed properly. Control of the web through the machine is also of great importance in order to obtain a straightly wound product.

On most machines space is provided to accommodate the type of accessories needed for these problems. At Deltapak, our technical service ensures a seamless integration of accessories with existing equipment.

the DeltaPak solution:


Corona treatment is used when the surface tension of a substrate is not correct. Plastic materials are particularly eligible for this treatment. Even if they have already been pre-treated, these substrates need to be refreshed after a while. We distinguish one- and two-sided systems with and/or without metallized foil.


Where there is dust, ink cannot be transferred permanently. An effective way to remove dust is to use web cleaner. The surface is cealned by contact (with an adhesive roller) or contactless (with a suction nozzle and fan). The dust is collected and the air is filtered. This can be performed on one side or two of the web.


Static electricity on a substrate can considerably cause the transfer of ink to be out of balance. This problem can be solved by blowing ionized air over the web via anti-static rods. If the distance of the rods are less than one meter from production, dust will be blown away and thus there is a the benefit of a clean surface.


Proper running of the web through the machine can be guaranteed by applying one or more track controls. This ensures that even if an irregularly wound path is introduced, it is perfectly integrated and wrapped up straight and evenly. Different sensors make it possible to process all kinds of substrates.

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