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In a production line, printing mistakes are often inevitable. In order to prevent errors from being repeated throughout a production run, it is best to discover them at an early stage of the process. For this, there are various inspection options available.

Anyone who has experienced the return of finished printed material from a customer, knows the pain of having to trace back a mistake, re-produce printed material and the costs this entails. This can also be a blow to your reputation as a printer, something that money cannot buy. Therefore, an investment in inspection equipment is vital for a well running printing company.

Deltapak has all the knowledge and possibility to give the customer optimal advice. From a simple hand-held stroboscope to a fully automated 100% inspection system – each system will be recouped in a short time. And this is something that Deltapak can calculate and assist you with.

the DeltaPak solution:


A mobile stroboscope allows for a visible fixed image through flashing light that is synchronised with the web speed and in relation to the repeat length of the printed product. The LED light guarantees a long battery life for the handhelds and a very bright light on the inspetion area.   There are also strobe bars with a fixed set-up at any requested length.


By using a camera and monitor, a still image of a chosen part of the web is visible for inspection. In this manner, the printing quality and printing registration can be checked. There is also a possibilty to monitor critical web areas.  In a more extensive version, the camera can be motorised to follow an inspection sequence chosen by the operator.


100% inspection is also called in line inspection. The camera scans the web along a line, which means that every passing pixel can be checked in comparison to the reference image. At a fault a warning signal or flag can be given. By teaching the camera what is incorrect, no unnecessary waste is generated. A report of each inspection can be provided.


On an inspection table a reference image can be compared with a production image under calibrated light to simulate daylight. The influence of other light sources is therefore diminished. The table can also have backlighting, which makes it suitable for the inspection of transparent material and can be produced in different sizes.

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