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About Us

Our enthusiastic team is more than ready and willing to find the best solution for you.


Deltapak B.V. supports the packaging industry, including label, paper and flexible packaging industry, in their production process. We offer the best possible equipment and means of production. Whether it concerns improved environmental friendliness, higher efficiency, better working conditions or savings on production waste – Deltapak B.V. offers the right solution based on years of experience and extensive knowledge.


We achieve our mission through:

  • Cooperation with an international network of the best suppliers in the market
  • A guarantee of the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Providing synergy between input and output of our products
  • Maintaining achieved progress for a long time and to full customer satisfaction


Deltapak was founded decades ago as Van Pamel Deltapak. Since 2007, the company belongs to the Hancock-RC Group and is a leading supplier to the packaging industry, with consumables, tools and accessories. Based on a network of the best manufacturers worldwide in this field, what Deltapak offers is characterized by an excellent price/quality ratio.

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