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Grafiche Tamburini (GT) has been a leader in flexographic printing for over 40 years. A company in the forefront in flexographic printing market but in respect of tradition –  customers are the base on which the company is founded: their needs come first above all else. GT’s unmatched product portfolio is why we choose to work with this company, so we can offer customers tailor made solutions to their flexographic needs.

GT invests a lot in its technology and their company policy is to provide a global service at 360 degrees from consulting, to graphics, to plates, fiberglass and epoxy resins sleeves, continuous sleeves, plates on sleeves, adaptors, carriers, aluminium sleeves and aluminium or steel-plated rollers. On demand, cylinders can be custom made with certificate profiles and radiographed outlines. To meet all these processes the company has three production plants in Italy.

Not only is this company and leader in its field, but it is also a company that is always particularly sensitive to environmental issues. All the fumes of solvents used in production are channelled through a post-combustor. In this way, GT decreases harmful substances far beyond the level requested by the regulations of local and international law, all the while creating a high end product.

Sleeves & adapters

Flexolid sleeves and adapters made in collaboration with Grafiche Tamburini are of the newest and best technology on offer in today’s market. Offering a complete global service, GT provides the customer with consultations, graphics elaborations, full HD printing sets in 4000dpi and sleeves of several dimensions.

GT produces a wide range of sleeves – from simple, user-friendly sleeves, to the most complex antistatic sleeves of the latest generation. It most advance sleeves are made with Dupont or Flint photopolymer in order to create seamless and endless print runs. The printing resolutions on offer are therefore incomparable to those made with other materials.

GT also manufactures seamless sleeves, in aluminium or steel (even chromed) cylinders and, on demand, sleeves with certificate profiles and x-rayed outlines. The combination use of Flexolid sleeves and adapters means that printing runs are optimised to produce at the highest level of quality.

For more information on the range of sleeves and adapters on offer, please visit the website: www.flexolid.eu

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