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Storage Systems for Sleeves

Sep 13, 2018

High quality craftsmanship at an attractive price is the most important aspect when you are looking for a solid storage system for sleeves.

The basic system offers space for 200 sleeves. Our systems are, however, constructed in such a way that they can be expanded in the future, to a storage system for 400, 600, 800, 1000 or 5000 sleeves, if necessary.

The system consists of a number of racks in which the sleeves can be stored vertically. In total, 40 sleeves with different sizes can be stored per rack.

The various sleeves are always accessible via a guide rail and can be easily moved, so that other stored sleeves are not be damaged.

The storage system can be adjusted according to the wishes of the customer. If there is a need for a system that consists of two floors then that is no problem. To spare employees, it is even possible to add a lift to the system so that there is no need to use a staircase to move the sleeves.

Make your wishes known, and we can offer you a tailor-made system.

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