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FleXolid Plates

Sep 14, 2018

Water washable flexo plates

Deltapak is proud to present the FleXolid water washable plate to our portfolio. A high quality flexo polymer plate that will improve your prints, production runs, and minimise production costs.

FleXolid water washable plates allow you to obtain the highest print quality, while enhancing your production process.

  • Faster processing time

  • Shorter drying time

  • Better print quality

  • Faster production process

  • Ecological process – no solvents

The benefit behind these plates is that minimal changes have to be made to your production process: just mount a FleXolid plate to your printing cylinder or sleeve, while using the current anilox roll and you will see an immediate improvement in your print quality. This is due to the use of Flat Top Dot technology where there is minimal dot gain. With FleXolid, dot gain is now a thing of the past!

When compared to other types of plates, FleXolid increases productivity due to a lower platemaking time and a far lower drying time, all while being much more ecological as only tap water and dishwasher soap are needed to process the plates. 

For more information on the specifics please visit the website: www.flexolid.eu 

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