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White paper 100% inspection workflow

Jun 25, 2020

White paper 100% inspection workflow

For most packaging manufacturers, 100% inspection is now an integral part of the production process. Therefore, manufacturers of inspection equipment strive to develop systems for their customers in the packaging industry that are not only cost effective, but also easy to operate and highly automated. The top priority is to eliminate so-called “fake defects” while maintaining maximum sensitivity.

With the new inspection systems for slitters, FUTEC supplies equipment that exactly meets the above criteria and at the same time offers an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Industry 4.0 has been the buzzword for many years and the packaging sector is no exception. The basic concept is that all phases of a work process must be linked – from the receipt of the materials, the preparation of the order, the printing, the finishing and the inspection up to and including the shipment of the products, so that you have full control over every link in the chain is guaranteed.

Our white paper is about the deeper backgrounds and choices to be made regarding the entire workflow with 100% inspection systems. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WHITE PAPER NOW HERE

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