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Does exhaust burn money?

Dec 3, 2019

Lamiflow® recovers waste heat

The Lamiflow® extracts heat from the exhaust of coating, laminating, and printing machines and utilises it to pre-warm inlet fresh air. Thus heat energy is conserved, resulting in operational savings, leading to attractive payback.

Processes in the flexible packaging industry use a considerable amount of heat. Optimising this heat energy by recovering waste heat can reduce costs and thus significantly increase a convertor’s bottom line and hence an attractive investment option. 

The Lamiflow is a flat plate air-to-air heat exchanger where two air streams (exhaust and fresh air) cross each other, without coming in contact. The heat exchanger comprises multiple, thin, slightly separated plates with large surface areas that allows air flow passage for effective heat transfer, with minimal pressure drop.

The sensible energy from warm exhaust air is transferred to the relatively cooler inlet air, without any mixing of the two air streams. This enables savings in energy spent to heat up fresh air from ambient temperature to the required temperature.

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