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100% balancing act at inspection

Aug 28, 2019

Finding the right 100% inspection system: a balancing act!

It seems that more and more printers are struggling with a balancing act to find the right 100% inspection system that suits them best.

On the one hand, many 100% inspection systems have already been placed on the market. On the other hand, companies are still looking for the perfect solution. On the one hand, many errors are detected and thrown away before they can reach the customer, on the other hand, many alleged errors are thrown away, which would not have been classified as an error with perfect detection.

That is why companies often have multiple brands of inspection systems in operation. However, the new promises from the other system often turn out not to have been delivered.

No printing company wants to waste valuable production time by setting up a highly advanced system that must be managed by an IT specialist. That is why an easy-to-use user interface with intuitive functions is required.

With our newest generation of label inspection systems, we have found the right balance and have been able to combine all user-submitted requirements into one masterpiece. For more information about our new FUTEC label inspection system you can visit us at the label expo in Brussels from 24 to 27 September (stand 11A20).

In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to make an appointment for a test with their own samples at Futec Europe in Duisburg. We are curious to hear how you want to challenge our system with your requirements.


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