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FleXolid UV-LED Combo

The FleXolid Combo UV-LED drying system is a modular system in the desired width that is mounted after a printing station. The holders can contain UV-LED or conventional UV dryers with shutters, depending on the needs of the moment. For example, there may be inks or ink colors or varnishes that work best with conventional UV dryers. A single conventional final dryer can also be provided. Changing the elements is a matter of a few seconds.

FAQ section

Why choose for UV-LED curing?

At a time when the government provides subsidies for investments in substantial reduction of energy consumption, the benefit counts double. The difference in energy consumption between UV-LED as a substitute for UV drying is so large that you will be amazed by the savings. Have you ever calculated what the subsidy and saving can offer you? View here why you should take action now.

Additional benefits of UV-LED curing

In addition to a considerable energy saving and possible subsidy, there are even more benefits to enjoy from UV-LED drying. The lamps have a lifespan that is many times longer than that of the conventional UV lamps. The UV-LED system is practically maintenance-free and, moreover, the system is hybrid. View all the benefits of UV-LED drying here.

How do I compare the cost of UV to UV-LED?

It is not only about the enormous difference in power consumption, but also in the required cooling. The lifespan of the lamps must also be taken into account. Deltapak makes a calculation for each specific situation free of charge and without obligation.

What power do UV-LED lamp heads request?

The lamp is step-less adjustable from 1 – 31 Watt/cm. This adjustment can be made manually or synchronized with the press speed. The operator interface can easily be set-up to automatic power level control.

Does UV LED also need cooling?

Yes, cooling is also required with UV LED. The system is delivered including a water cooling unit of 8 kW. That is more than sufficient.

What temperature does a cooling roller with UV LED have?

The temperature of the cooling roller has approximately room temperature, ie 18 – 21 ° C

How do you plan the switch to UV LED?

Reducing energy consumption is important in order to be or become an environmentally conscious company. At a time when the packaging industry is under considerable pressure in terms of image, this can improve considerably by having internal energy consumption in order. When will you apply the environmental benefits of UV LED?

Steps to switch to UV LED

The switch to UV-LED on existing machines can best be prepared by mapping which machines are eligible for this. You can then request a price for the proposed investment and inquire about the grant options. The investment is only made once the subsidy has been promised.

A case study of transition to UV LED

At the end of 2019, an Italian label printer decided to switch to UV LED. After the product was delivered, the old UV drying system was dismantled in a few days and a new hybrid UV-LED system was installed, including its own control system. For cases where conventional UV drying was required, three conventional UV lamp were purchased. These lamps could be moved to any print station within the press without any tools in less than a minute.

What does UV-LED drying cost?

It is often thought that UV-LED drying is priceless. And it is true, some suppliers try to supply this new market with sky high prices. It will take a long time before prices come down to an acceptable level. View here how a correct choice for price / quality means that the investment does not have to be so high to achieve the intended result.

So easy to change

Give your printing press the benefits of Activ UV-LED drying

Energy information duty


Duty to save energy

Does your company or institution (Environmental Management Establishment Act) use 50,000 kWh of electricity or 25,000 m³ of natural gas (equivalent) per year? Then, under the Environmental Management Activities Decree, you are obliged to take energy-saving measures with a payback period of 5 years or less.

This is the energy saving obligation. As of July 1, 2019, there is also an obligation to inform about energy saving. This means that you should have reported by 1 July 2019 for each Environmental Management Establishment Act which energy-saving measures you have implemented. You do that in the eLoket of RVO.nl. Not reported yet? Check whether you have an obligation to provide information and still report

These are all rules and therefore perhaps less exciting, but ultimately there is a lot to be gained for companies. Because money that you do not spend on energy just adds up to the profit.


Example on Bobst M5 650 mm

How does an installation work? The work takes place at the user’s workplace. First the old drying system is removed, including the control. The new system is then installed mechanically, the cables are pulled and the control system is connected. The printing press will be available for work again within a few days. Also inquire about the possibilities to immediately give the printing press a thorough overhaul.


Free consult


First we map out the current situation. Number of printing stations, types of inks, age of equipment.


Then we will calculate: Current energy costs and possible savings. Also any possible subsidies.



Make an investment in € 15 – 45 K annual energy savings per printing press based on the excellent ROI.


All FleXolid UV-LED systems advantages: please inform me

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