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SysTec is a brand under Societa Tartuca Industriale based in Switzerland and is specialised in development and industrial automation for the flexographic industry. It is one of the top players in the flexo plate mounter manufacturing industry. In the meantime they have developed other efficient products as well, such as: Sleeve Storage Systems and Plate and Anilox Laser Cleaning Devices.

T.H.E. Mounter

The New Full Automatic Plate Mounter

T.H.E. Stands for Total Human Exclusion. The operative workflow of the SysTec mounter is highly precise. The operation only requires the user to load the stack of plates on the loader… and that is it!

Star HD and i-Table


Semi-automatic machine designed to mount with microdots, achieved together with the i-Table: th automatic mounting system by SysTec.

Sleeve storage

This is often an undervalued issue. Improper storage of sleeves can affect printing quality. Improper horizontal storage of sleeves can generate permanent damage to the sleeve – an expensive risk! SysTec’s storage sleeve systems store sleeves the right way, in vertical position. In this was the TIR, or concentricity of the sleeve,  is preserved and a perfect print quality is achieved.

Sleeves Storage System is a modular concept: it can be sized accordingly to the quantity of sleeves to manage. The rack size can match the format of the sleeves and they  easily accessible. Moreover the Sleeves Storage System works in perfect combination with the Systec plate mounters, for a rational workflow of sleeves.

Anilox Laser Cleaning

Cleaning Light Beam: Offline anilox laser cleaner for anilox sleeves and rolls. The power of the laser beam removes all types of dirts, such as inks and coatings.

  • The most sustainable deep cleaning method
  • No water, chemicals or granulates required
  • Suitable for anilox sleeves, rolls and also rotogravure metal rolls
  • Restores cell volume of anilox rollers/sleeves


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