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Established in 1939, A.T.E. has evolved into a multifaceted engineering group offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments. Its static charging and discharging solutions are made in partnership with Valence Electrons Private Limited.

Based  in Bengaluru, India, Valence Electrons is a part of the A.T.E. group and provides solutions for the control of static electricity in industrial, laboratory and electrostatic discharge applications.

These solutions are designed to improve safety, productivity, and quality in the packaging industry.

AC Static Charge Eliminator

Low-priced shock-less static discharge bars, designed for neutralising electrostatic charges from moving surfaces.

Ionising Blower

Static eliminator that is an ionising blower used to blow ionisied air on any 2D/3D object on which static is to be neutralised.

Static Discharge Brush

Made up of filaments that are very soft extremely durable. Zero scratches on the web even if brush fibres are in contact with the web.

High Voltage Generator

Electrostatic charging systems are compact, sturdy and efficient. Electrostatic charging systems are designed to be used with ± 20kV, ± 40kV, ± 60kV PC series high voltage generator.

Charging Bars

Linear static charging bars are used in stacking, pinning applications. With precision becoming a priority electrostatic charging systems provide a simple solution for a range of applications.

Charging Electrode 

Linear static point charging electrodes are suitable for various applications and provide localised charging, edge pinning, and in mould labelling.

Anti-Static Touch Pad

Can be placed at strategic locations like desks, walls, partition, filing-racks, machines etc. They eliminate uncomfortable shocks to workers, protect equipment, and avoid sparks leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Real Time Static Charge Montioring System

The electrostatic sensor is fixed at the location where the charge level on a moving target is to be monitored. Each sensor is connected to the respective field station controller, which in turn are connected to a common touch panel.

Static Charge Meter

A very sensitive meter. Its resolution is 1 volt at the standard measurement distance of 5 cm. The meter is designed to effectively measure the magnitude and polarity of the surface voltage with greater clarity and speed.

Non-Contact Web Cleaner

This static charge eliminator makes sure that the web entering the web cleaning system is free of static charges, thereby enabling the web to easily let go dust particles from its surface.

Contact Web Cleaner

The tacky contact cleaning roller consists of a roll with replaceable self-adhesive sheets. Static charge eliminators, positioned before and after the web cleaner make sure that the web is free of static charges.


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