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Innovative Printing Solutions

BFT is born out of the need for innovation on inking systems in the world of flexographic printing. Since most inking systems are manual and free of washing automations, operators must adjust the speed of the pumps and remove the ink bucket manually and insert a bucket of water in the washing phase.

Inking and Washing Systems

From the excellent results obtained by printing customers, BFT Flexo systems are requested as original equipment even by OEMs that find technology and reliability in the BFT Flexo systems as well as a considerable saving compared to the internal management of the washing system.

Advanced Composites Equipment

A complete inking system (inking and washing system + doctor blade unit) is also required by the OEMs. BFT Carbon is born to always have innovation among its products, it is a cutting-edge product made of carbon fibre with inside sensors able to communicate with the BFT Flexo system to optimise the process.

Innovation for flexo printing

BFT not only manufactures innovative products, but also ensures mutual cohesion. For example, the carbon fiber doctor chambers are equipped with internal sensors that can communicate with the BFT Flexo system ink and washing system to optimize the process.

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Deltapak BFT Carbon doctor chamber4

Doctor Chambers

What makes the doctor chambers entirely different from others is that the chambers are entirely laminated together with carbon. The walls of the chambers consist entirely of carbon fibre skins that have been securely bonded together with resin.

Also, the doctor blade chamber cavity is completely hollow. This is because air bags are used in the moulding process, which are the removed once the chamber is cured. Therefore, the chambers are made entirely of carbon fibre, unlike other chambers where the carbon fibre is usually laminated on top of a structure, playing merely a cosmetic role.

The special technology used to manufacture this series of doctor chambers makes it possible to give the chamber a hollow cross section – creating a product of unparalleled lightness. This extreme lightness means that a 3200 mm doctor chamber only weighs 11 kgs. and can be removed from and installed on a machine by a single operator working alone.

Deltapak BFT Carbon doctor chamber5

Automatic inking and washing systems

Most inking and washing systems include manual processes, including the pump adjustment and washing. Operations that require prolonged machine downtime and a continuous assistance by the staff.

The BFT FLEXO systems are completely automatic: to start any cycle, just press a button on the touch screen. And the system remembers everything you do, which makes process standardisation easy. The operator can easily set the speed of the pumps from the screen to optimise the inking phase and the washing phase. Setting is saved and linked to the order to be resumed over time.

Thanks to the possibility of reversing the delivery pump, the system can recover all the residual ink that is washed and is wasted when using most other systems.

The washing cycles are fast and precise at every colour change and ensure the complete cleaning of the anilox cells. The washing algorithm differentiates the water used during the pre-wash, wash and rinse phases, thus halving the volume used for each complete wash.

All the components of the system carry out a self-diagnosis showing the life of each component to the operator and signalling any necessary maintenance in advance, avoiding any costly downtime.

Would you like to optimise the cleaning and maintenance of your flexographic machines further?

Integrate BFT FLEXO with the doctor blade unit BFT CARBON

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Deltapak BFT flexo2

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