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Manufacturing Plant

Packaging Plast was founded in 2010 as a specialised precision machining workshop in Casale Monferrato, Italy – the home of a number of internationally renowned leaders in the manufacturing of printing machines and the converting of materials for the publishing and packaging sectors.

Packaging Plast was the first as a supplier of machined metal components and, later, of plastic parts (hence the name of the company). The growing demand for superior precision and quality meant the company began to manufacture high technology machine tools. It established itself as the partner of choice for manufacturers of rotogravure and flexography printing machines.

As the company built a reputation for trustworthiness, dependability and experience, clients began to task Packaging Plast with the fabrication of doctor blade chambers, initially in aluminium and, later, in plastic. Today, the company manufactures doctor blade chambers that are made up structurally entirely of carbon fibre.

Doctor Chambers

What makes Packaging Plast’s doctor chambers entirely different from others is that the chambers are entirely laminated together with carbon. The walls of the chambers consist entirely of carbon fibre skins that have been securely bonded together with resin.

Also, the doctor blade chamber cavity is completely hollow. This is because air bags are used in the moulding process, which are the removed once the chamber is cured. Therefore, the chambers are made entirely of carbon fire, unlike other chambers where the carbon fibre is usually laminated on top of a structure, playing merely a cosmetic role.

The special technology used to manufacture this series of doctor chambers makes it possible to give the chamber a hollow cross section – creating a product of unparalleled lightness. This extreme lightness (approximately 11 kg) means that a 3200 mm doctor blade chamber can be removed from and installed on a machine by a single operator working alone.

Tensioning System & Doctor Blades

The tensioning system of the of the doctor blade holder uses springs housed in seats incorporated entirely in the moulding of the chamber itself.

This means that no holes need to be cut into the structure of the chamber and the seats are repeated along fixed intervals of the chamber moulding.

Thus, the chamber remains sturdy and stiff all along its length irrespective of changes in temperature. With this system, a blade can be changed in under 3 minutes, as constant pressure across the chamber means that no operator is needed to pull the blade to straighten it.

Efficient Ink Recovery System

The doctor blade chambers unique design of lateral seals makes it possible to evacuate ink completely from the doctor blade chamber after inking. This minimises waste and maximises the efficacy of the washing process.

The special ink filler points incorporated in the profiles of the chambers mean that all of our doctor blade chambers are already compatible with new delivery line ink recovery systems.

This solution lets the operator empty the doctor blade chamber completely, draining the ink into the bucket, before it is rinsed at the end of a job. This means that the ink can be recovered instead of being washed away, as occurs with a conventional doctor blade chamber


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