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Pillar Technologies leads the market in new surface treater technology. Known for originating “universal” corona treating, Pillar has also been the first to introduce a number of surface treatment innovations to the industry. Pillar was the first to introduce epoxy covered treater rolls.

Founded in 1966, Pillar Technologies is recognized worldwide as a global manufacturer of surface treatment systems. OEM’s and end-users in the industries of plastic film extrusion, coating, laminating, and printing have relied on Pillar’s surface treatment equipment to provide long term high quality surface treatment results of increased wettability, long term adhesion, and/or specialty surface modifications onto most all plastic film and paper.

narrow web

Velocity narrow web station for tag and label, printing, coating and laminating.

Pillar’s patented technology in narrow web corona treating allows printers to produce high-quality print on various conductive or non-conductive substrates. The compact design of the VELOCITY™ system easily mounts to most equipment configurations.

wide web

Wide web technology corona surface treating equipment is the wave of the future. Pillar’s wide web corona treaters provide precision-machined supports at multiple locations for positive structural integrity, minimizing potential for electrode distortion.

Easy access throughout the entire corona treatment system allows simple web threading by a single operator. A Wide span of electrode retraction makes web thread even easier.

blown film

The Split Box is an economical system primarily used in the cast and blown film extrusion industries. The corona treater design promotes ease of thread-up along with an industry first with a sophisticated break away electrode design.

With Pillar’s stainless steel segmented electrode design and removable electrode styles, users can alter the treat width or lane treat according to application.


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