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Elettromeccanica Bonato is based in Vicenza, Italy. It has been dealing with eliminating or at least reducing the problems caused by static current since 1978. The company is able to study and meet any requirements providing customised solutions for each customer. This allows the client to increase productivity as well as their workers’ safety. The team of expert engineers is focused on a continuous development of innovative products and to provide clients with fast and efficient technical support.

They work with countries all over the world and the aim is to offer high quality product at affordable prices, easy to install and meeting the requirements of the market.

Bonato anti-static bar ABSL-RC
Deltapak Bonato antistatic brushes

Anti Static Brushes

Deltapak Bonato antistatic bar 1

Anti Static Discharge

Deltapak Bonato static generator

Static Generator

Ionizing Blower IF-AC

The ionizing blower IF-AC was developed to be effective at long range and to eliminate antistatic charges considerably. The ionizing blower IF-AC is made up of axial fans (one every 250 mm) and 2 antistatic bars ABSL-RC, which are fed by a high-voltage power supply, integrated in the blower itself. The ionized air flow can be adjusted and reach a 1,2-meter distance, thus being suitable to several applications. It is available in size from 500 mm to 2000 mm with a 250-mm pitch.

Deltapak Bonato ionizing blower

Charging bars

Electrostatically charging bars are designed to make a material adhere to a surface or two materials between them. These charging bars are connected to a generator, which creates (positive or negative) ions on bar’s pointed edges by means of high voltage. Thus the material, passing through the bar and a reference mass, is pushed towards the mass itself, creating a temporary adhesion.

The installation of these antistatic bars is very simple, as bars have a rear seat, where nylon screws are inserted, thus granting their insulation from conductive parts.

Deltapak Bonato electrostatic charging bar

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