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AFC Handling Equipment has been manufacturing stacker and pallet trucks for over 30 years  for production areas, stores and distribution warehouses. AFC decided to obtain the Carreffe brand in order to restart the production of some equipment for Packaging and Pharma industry.

Flexibility, know-how and innovation are the strengths of this company and therefore, they are able to offer specific solutions for different requirements in material handling. AFC is able to understand the customer’s needs and to propose customized solutions in terms of lifters and their accessories.

STACKERS, Forks,   loading Platforms, ROLLER conveyor, CRANE    ARMS, Cradles for REELS,    roller BOOM to    take from the CORE,   Arms with reel Shaft Lock,   HYRDRAULIC rotating SPIDLE, Expanding   Mandrel to take and ROTATE Reels from Vertical to   Horizontal, HANDLING devices for Boxes,    CONTAINERS,     spools…

Below is a small selection of a few products that AFC has to offer:


Manual stacker with cradle for reel. Lift/lower by winch.



Electric stacker. Has a load capacity  of 1,2 Q(t)


AMB 01

Hydraulic tilting spindle. Adjustable support arm & push button controls.


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