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FUTEC is a pioneer of 100% automatic flaw detection systems for print and surface inspection for commercial, packaging and label markets.

Founded in Japan in 1977, Futec started out in inspection technology and today has become a leading company with 60% market share in Asia. It is a company committed in pushing the boundaries in technological developments, which are underpinned by its strong Japanese heritage, having its origin in a country with unparalleled expertise in building cameras.

Futec has been present in Europe for 20 years and now has its very own European Business Hub. This means Futec is able to offer faster delivery, immediate service, and training in person, or remote sessions. This means that your company can optimise workflow and minimise downtime while enhancing quality control of your product.

As the quality standards in the printing industry keep rising, Futec inspection systems allow your company to achieve these standards by improving your product quality management, increasing productivity and ultimately lowering production costs.



Futec systems are 100% Inspection systems, where 10% of the company’s revenue is invested in its research and development department.

The following are characteristics of this quality assurance technology:

  • Defect picture loading speed – maximum 50 images shown per second
  • Job registration – register up to 3000 different jobs
  • Archive type – 5000 individual defects can be recorded per roll
  • Easy parameter setting – parameters to be changed by slide arrows
  • Colour monitoring function – 4 free selectable points to control variation in colour
  • Print monitor function – 4 free selectable points to detect with higher zoom
  • Multi-client access – access to the system from anywhere at any time with any device
  • Easy set up function – automatic measurement of pattern length and web width

Surface inspection: MaxEye

  • Suitable for surface inspection on film, metals and paper.
  • A smart camera system where no signal processing board is needed.
  • Futec lighting system where interceptions are detected in the material.
  • High speed scanning where the operator can easily adjust the fault parameters.

Print inspection: EasyMax

  • Suitable for printed web inspection on flexible packaging, wallpaper and non-woven material.
  • Precise classification of the smallest defects.
  • Industry leading accuracy in fast line speeds.
  • Inspection area detected automatically.

Print inspection narrow web: Navitas

  • New software solution for narrow web inspection
  • Suitable for label printing, blister film printing, other high end narrow web applications.
  • Also, for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
  • And sheet fed applications and online inspection in folding box gluing machines.

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