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About Elettromeccanica Bonato is based in Vicenza, Italy. It has been dealing with eliminating or at least reducing the problems caused by static current since 1978. The company is able to study and meet any requirements providing customised solutions for each...

FleXolid UV-LED Combo curing

UV-LED combo curing FleXolid UV-LED Combo The FleXolid Combo UV-LED drying system is a modular system in the desired width that is mounted after a printing station. The holders can contain UV-LED or conventional UV dryers with shutters, depending on the needs of the...

Nuova LC Graph

Nuova L&C Graph Nuova L&C Graph is a company based in Italy that specialises in the graphic supplies that are suited for the packaging printing industry. To be able to control your prints, colour check your labels under controlled lighting means that as a...

ITW Pillar

Pillar Technologies leads the market in new surface treater technology. Known for originating “universal” corona treating, Pillar has also been the first to introduce a number of surface treatment innovations to the industry. Pillar was the first to...


Established in 1939, A.T.E. has evolved into a multifaceted engineering group offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments. Its static charging and discharging solutions are made in partnership with Valence Electrons Private Limited. Based  in...
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