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In the autumn of 2018 Sumitomo Riko opened a brand new European plant in Turin, Italy. This is where the FleXolid water washable flexo printing plates are manufactured.

After many years of development, the plates achieved overwhelming success in Japan and the East Asia region. It is now time to introduce this revolutionary technology to Europe.

Sumitomo Riko, founded in 1929,  is a global company with 25,000+ employees in the rubber industry. Products are manufactured for the automotive, electronics and healthcare industry, among many others.

In 2007 they introduced the Water Washable Flexo Printing Plate to the printing industry. With the knowledge that this new technology would conquer the industry, the plates have been further developed to be suitable for all types of inks.

The new technology did not only surpass the expectations in printing quality, due to the Flat Dot Technology, but has also improved exposure and development time and is eco-friendly.

Better Quality

Minimal and highly contolled dot englargement through flat top dot technology

A Shorter Process

Less development time is needed without destructive solvents in the process


FleXolid offers water washable plates that allow for better ink transfer and a obtain a flat process dot, meaning there is minimal dot gain so you final prints are much sharper.

Not only does the quality of your prints improve significantly, but the plate making process is much faster and they deliver faster production runs.

This, together with the fact that they are eco-friendly – only needing tap water and dishwasher soap – means water washable plates are cost saving to your business as well.

Flexolid offers water washable plates in several sizes and hardness, suitable for all inks. For more information please visit the website: www.flexolid.eu

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A Healthier Process

No harmful solvents are needed during the development process

Shorter Drying Period 

Plates are immediately ready for use when they are dry. There is no waiting time

Simply Do It Yourself

The shortest possible production times with no dependency on third parties

Evironmentally Friendly

Only tap water and soap are needed to wash the plates


Plates at a lower cost but exactly the same quality as those from the production plant