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Lifting and tilting now made easy!

Apr 17, 2019

With option of an integrated camera system!

Here we introduce our ABL lifter, with manual traction and electric lifting. It is a multifunctional lifter that can be equipped with tailor made tools according to the customer needs. The lifter version with a spindle expands in the inner core and can tilt a reel of maximum 250 kilograms at 90 degrees. 

It has been improved with new accessories that allow for easy operation and increased safety. The drives are electro-hydraulic by means of a mobile push-button and the spindle reduction with release of the reel requires two-hand safety control.

It comes with a standard three inch spindle with a removable adapter that allows the handling of different inner cores with the same lifter reel. After placing it horizontally, the reel is loaded onto a machine.

To avoid any physical operator exertion, a hydraulic pusher moves the reels forward and inserts them directly onto the shaft of a machine. The spindle support arm is manually adjustable so that it can be centred at entry into the inner core.

It is possible to install a camera on the lifter with a screen allowing the operator to view the position of the core of the reel to the position of the spindle tip from his position. This eases the operation dramatically.

All these options are also available in all electric drive models equipped with a spindle with capacities up to 800 kilograms.

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